Saturday, March 14, 2009

lets barbeque!

its been a while since i've posted...please excuse my winter hibernation! but i'm back at it now and have a yummy treat to share. i have found a new favorite, that being the new hickory BBQ riblets now available from morningstar farms. i love everything BBQ, but don't get to enjoy it much with meat being out of the picture. i was thrilled to find these at the grocery store and picked up a package to try them out and was not disappointed. the texture and taste were excellent, though the sauce was a little sweeter than i prefer, but not over bearingly so. there are two servings per box, and they can be prepared in the oven or the microwave. being that i never have much time to cook, i opted for the microwave; all you need is a little more than 3 minutes and you're set. they are easy to take and make also, just make sure to bring some extra napkins because there's A LOT of sauce! i enjoyed some for my lunch at work this past week and fortunately didn't spill any on myself! haha. and with spring and summer on their way, i'm definately looking forward to cooking some of these up along with some corn on the cobb and potato salad and other summer time goodies to enjoy outside with my friends. go BBQ!


p.s. i don't believe these are vegan which is a disappointment for those of you who can't enjoy them, but you can get more info on this and other morningstar products at

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