Wednesday, August 20, 2008


eat this is the brain child of 2 friends, one vegetarian and one vegan- kate and jenn- who want to make life a little easier for all the vegetarians and vegans out there who are looking for good restuarants and eateries. it has unfortunately been our experience that information and accurate, easy to navigate directions to the good veggie spots is lacking, even in the internet age, so our mission is to fix that. its simple really, we hear of a place, we find it and take the guess work out of directions, eat there and review our experience (including friendly-ness of the atomosphere and knowledgeability of the staff) and post the results here for you so you can follow us there! we are from the north jersey area so we will be exploring eateries around us to start, but would love to branch out and find good spots in other areas. and of course, we welcome any suggestions for places we should visit so don't be shy! our first review is soon to come, so be sure to check it out!-kate