Sunday, January 4, 2009

another note on recipes

hi there. my former partner in this blog posted a little while back that we don't include recipes on this blog, and this is still the case. i of course welcome any recipes that anyone would like to share in the comment section, but there will not be recipes in the regular posts. i just wanted to clarify that as i am still getting questions about recipes. "why?" you may ask. the reason is simple, i started this blog because i live a very hectic and busy life, i go out of state often, and i work the graveyard shift. due to those factors, i unfortunately don't have much time to spend in the kitchen at all, but i still want to attempt to eat a somewhat healthy and totally veggie diet. knowing how frustrating it can be to find quick, easy, and good veggie/vegan eats, i decided that when i do find something good, i wanted to share it, and eat this! was born. this is not a blog for kitchen connoisseurs or aspiring vegan chefs. this is a blog for active, on-the-go people, nightshift workers, or anyone who just doesn't have the time to spend in the kitchen making luxurious veggie meals. so that being said, i will continue to be on the lookout for yummy snacks and treats, and places where an on-the-go veggie can get something hot and tasty, or cold and delicious, quickly and for a reasonable price. i also want to explore some of the "prepared" food options that are out there...microwaves can be gross, but it beats the alternative of going hungry or eating meat, and for some of us, a microwave is all we have available at our workplace to aid in food prep. and a note on snacks...i am not vegan myself, but do enjoy vegan food as much as i can (i'm sadly not disciplined enough to do it full time, though maybe 2009 will be the year!), and love vegan snacks and desserts. that being said, ALL SNACKS featured on this blog will be vegan...though they will range in the level of strictness (you know...oreos vs. carrot sticks. organic vs. not organic. haha). the restuarants and eateries will be both and dishes reviewed will be either veggie or vegan. hope that clarifies any questions anyone had, and i look forward to hearing suggestions from all the busy veggies out there!

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