Friday, March 20, 2009


anyone who knows me well knows that i ADORE cupcakes and baked goodies...but especially cupcakes! so needless to say, i was really super excited to find a vegan cupcake while visiting whole foods yesterday. and this was no whimpy cupcake, it was a large and in charge cupcake! its a hefty 4.5oz, though as a result, it packs a lot of calories for one serving (430), so for those of you who are a little more health conscious or looking to watch their weight, it might be something you have once in a while or share with a friend (which is what i did). the flavor, texture, and moistness were all on par with non-vegan baked goods, and it was almost undetectable that it had been made without milk or eggs. actually...really totally undetectable. the only "complaint" i have to register is that the creme filling was a little too sweet for my personal taste, but thats just me. at $2.99 a pop they could be considered a little pricey as far as a quick snack item, but its worth it knowing you're getting a high quality, vegan snack with all natural ingredients. do yourself a favor and get to whole foods and pick one (or ten!) up! you won't be dissapointed.



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Zoe said...

I miss the blog updates! Are you coming back to it?