Sunday, October 12, 2008

vegan chocolate mousse!

i was feeling a little hungry today as i was driving home from spending the weekend in philadelphia and was hankering for a chocolately treat. i was passing through maple shade, nj and spotted a whole foods so i decided to pop in and grab a quick snack. i was walking by one of the fridges and behold! there it was before me, vegan chocolate mousse! though not vegan myself, i do love vegan desserts and was really excited to see one of my favorite things offered in a vegan option. i slapped down $4 and walked away with the yummy chocolately treat i had been craving. i was very pleased, and while the overall flavor was a little on the "soyish" side, which is something i'm not always a fan of for my personal taste, it wasn't overpowering (which is my complaint with some products) and on the whole, the mousse was quite tasty. it definately gets my seal of approval! next time you're at a whole foods, take a look in the dessert case and grab some for yourself and drop us a line on what you think!


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