Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet and Sara

If these marshmallow treats look too good to be true, they aren't! They are delicious and 100% vegan, which we think is completely amazing! Made by Sweet and Sara (, a vegan owned bakery out of Queens, NY they are available at several online stores, as well as at select WholeFoods stores in the NY, NJ, CT area. S&S have won several awards for their tasty treats, including 2006 product of the year from VegNews, and once we got a taste of them, it wasn't hard to see why. We sampled the peanut butter s'mores and the regular marshmallows and they tasted sooooooooo yummy! We picked them up at WholeFoods, and while they were a little bit on the pricey side ($4.99 for the s'mores and $6.99 for and 8.5 oz container of approx 14 marshmallows), the great taste and high quality-and support of a vegan company- made them well worth the extra loot. Now that we've found these little treasures, we want to try making our own treats and s'mores with the plain marshmallows-rice krispy treats anyone?-and we will most definately report on that. Who said veggies can't have super yummy treats?!? Check these out, you won't be sorry!


thanks for reading!

kate and JenN!

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